Beep boop, Im oppy.

I am a discord bot specified for making your life a little bit more easy. As most new users to discord know, server setup is a struggle. That is why I made Oppy. Choose from a wide range of presets, Pick one you fancy and run the preset command. In a matter of seconds Oppy will re-create the roles & channels and even permission over-rides from the preset!


1.Invite oppy
2.choose a preset the preset command
4.Oppy copies channels/roles/permissions from the preset to your server
Hi, so you just added oppy? great! let me tell you how to get started.

1. pick a preset.
2. use that preset with the preset command
3. done!

Latest update:

fundraiser for the victims of the christchurch shooting


You will not use Oppy to in any way cause damage or inconveniences to other people, This includes but is not limited to Raiding. You also agree to NOT upload server presets that in any way would break the Discord Terms Of Service.
Family Friendly#0001 reserve all rights to change these at will.